Forming a Foster Family

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Thank you for being part of our year-end campaign! To meet our goal and prepare to feed and medicate all our 2019 patients, we are highlighting one of our favorite stories from 2018: this amazing family of barred owls!

This spring, we received an orphaned barred owl, and took it to meet our injured adults in hopes that one of them would bond with the orphan and become its foster parent. This video tells the story of what happened next:

So the family of barred owls spent the summer together. Mom continued her rehabilitation while the two kids learned to fly, hunt, and do everything a barred owl needs to do to make it in the wild. All the while, they were living on food and care that your donations made possible. Please give now to give the next foster family their second chance at a wild life! When September rolled around, Mom was healed up and the kids were ready to go too. Here’s what happened:

Here’s an alternate link for the release video. Absolutely awesome! If you enjoyed seeing that as much as we did, please help us reach our goal so we can provide care and food to patients throughout the year to come. Thank you so much for supporting Georgia’s wildlife!